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LIVE TECH have designed the audio specifications for some of the largest venues on both land and sea, making them one of the market leaders in sound & light installation. In 2007, LIVE TECH designed and installed the entire in-house Wembley Stadium PA system: the largest install of its kind. The project lasted over 18 months and included 40 on-site LIVE TECH sound technicians, plus support staff. 



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Whether your project is a hotel refit, leisure complex, live event, overseas resort or cruise ship, LIVE TECH have the ability to plan, execute and deliver the entire process ending with a successful completion of your brands specific goals and objectives. Our team is made up of industry experts who can effectively produce competitive budgets, right through to detailed designs and operational schedules.


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With over fifteen years experience in maintaining technical accounts, LIVE TECH offers ongoing servicing & maintenance on all technical installations they carry out. Our system designs are creative and original, using only the best of today's technical hardware. Equipment is chosen for its suitability, quality and reliability, and maintenance checks are carried out quickly and efficiently. 


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To ensure the highest standards, LIVE TECH provide extensive training courses in which we source, recruit and train their own technical staff, before placing successful applicants in various light entertainment venues on land and at sea. LIVE TECH currently provide full time technical staff to 40 different overseas hotel resorts and over 25 cruise and ferry vessels.

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